Pingi Moisture Absorber: the Innovative Solution

Eliminate Moisture and Mould

Rechargeable. No refills required!

Improve Indoor Air Quality.

Reduce Asthma and Allergies.

Eliminate mould, moisture, and musty smells from a variety of places with the Pingi reusable moisture absorber. These mini dehumidifiers can be placed virtually anywhere in the home, on a boat, in a caravan or car. Our product range is sold in 22 countries and has undergone extensive testing in Europe and the USA, meeting the highest international quality standards. Pingi moisture absorbers improve air quality and protect valuable possessions from the damaging effects of moisture. Pingi dehumidifiers are a revolutionary new way to dry damp spaces using silica gel to absorb surplus moisture. Unlike other products, Pingi is reusable and does not require refills. Therefore, they represent a once-off investment - and a very modest one at that - leading to years of use!

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moisture absorber

moisture absorber

There are many situations where we encounter unwelcome moisture and musty odours. Areas listed below are often associated with these problems, and use of  Pingi dehumidifiers will help alleviate such concerns and protect your valuable possessions from moisture and mould. Pingis are the superior and most sustainable method of removing moisture issues, as the products have been tested extensively and are made with quality materials to ensure reuse.

Time to give moisture and mould the flick!

moisture absorber

The experts in our vocational training division helped us choose this outstanding range of rechargeable moisture absorbers.

Please note, that for serious mould and moisture problems, you may wish to hire large industrial dehumidifiers.  See the following links for hiring large industrial dehumidifiers in Sydney      Newcastle       Brisbane        Melbourne      Central Coast NSW   

Our high level of customer satisfaction speaks for itself. Our customers love the product and our customer service levels. You can take a look at our Specials page to find some outstanding deals which provide great value for money. Check out our Pingi Australia eBay reviews and feedback today!


Buy a Pingi today.

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Please note:  The Pingi dehumidifier bags are great moisture absorbers which are easy to recharge in the microwave. When the moisture indicator changes from blue to pink, full saturation has been reached. See our page on Recharging Pingis for further information.

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